Obsidian edged blade vs spinal reaper

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HYBRID The hybrid is a combination of Spelladin and AP ret that takes advantage of the best items from both builds. The pros of Hybrid is a bigger mana pool and more damage with consecration then AP ret while doing more white damage and having a higher crit then Spelladins.

nearly the same damage, same attack power bonus from str then we get to the differences... 1.45% crit on BB vs .8% on dooms edge, and 70hp from from dooms edge vs none. imo that extra .65crit weighs over the 70hp for a dps warrior. But what really weighs it over is the fact that brutality blade is far easier to obtain.

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Obsidian edged blade vs spinal reaper

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When applicable, the stats of the character that activated the finisher are used to calculate the combo effects. This is most relevant to combos that inflict damaging conditions, as well as the healing effects of water fields.
Blinding Edge of Obsidian (AC) Blinding Edge of Obsidian (Non-AC) Blinding Hurp of Derpity . ... Dark Double Axe Blade . Dark Knight Commander Axe . Dark Metal Necro Guitar . Dark Tribe Skull Axe . ... Pink Reaper Of Doom . Piston-Driven Chopper . Platinum Axe of Destiny . Platinum Axe of Rechord .

Source. Obsidian Edged Blade drops off Baron Geddon, Garr, Golemagg the Incinerator, and Magmadar in the Molten Core.. Notes. This item's chance to drop is approximately 5%. Often shortened simply to "OEB", the weapon is often preferred by the Warrior and Paladin classes, both of which gain 2 Melee Attack Power for each 1 point of Strength, offering a total of 84 Melee Attack P

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